Vietnam: Remember it, Test it!

Vietnam: Remember it, Test it!

Problems faced by the US in Vietnam

GCSE History Revision - Operation Rolling Thunder*Guerrilla warfare.

*Operation Rolling Thunder.

*Agent Orange and napalm.

*Search and destroy patrols

*Hearts and minds.


Public opinion for and against the war

*The draft.

*Changing media coverage.

*Tet Offensive.

*My Lai Massacre and the trial of Lieutenant William Calley.

*Kent State University Protest.

*Fulbright Hearings.


US attempts to withdraw from the War

GCSE History Revision - Vietnamization*Vietnamization.

*Henry Kissinger.

*Bombing campaign.

*Paris Peace Accords.




Describe the event that immediately caused the Vietnam War to begin.

What methods did Viet Cong forces uses against the US military?

Why did the US military’s responses to guerrilla warfare fail?

Why did popular opinion in the US turn against the War?

Why was the Tet Offensive an important turning point in changing public opinion about the War?

What role influence did the anti-war movement have on the USA’s involvement in Vietnam?

Describe the consequences of the My Lai massacre on public support for the Vietnam War.

How successful was Richard Nixon’s strategy of Vietnamization?

Why did the USA find it so difficult to pull out of Vietnam?

What was the effect of the USA’s bombing campaign against North Vietnam during the Nixon years?