Energy transferred and Oscilloscope

Energy transferred and Oscilloscope

Energy transferred

Physics GCSE science revision- ElectricityAs the potential difference increases so does the amount of energy transferred for a particular electrical charge.

The amount of energy transferred can be worked out using this equation:

E = V x Q

  • E is the energy transferred in joules (J)
  • V is the potential difference in volts (V)
  • Q is the charge in coulombs (C)


HIGHER TIER ONLY: Oscilloscope traces

Physics GCSE science revision- ElectricityFor your exam you should be able to work out the frequency and period of an AC supply.

The period refers to the time it takes for one oscillation to complete. This can be worked out by taking two adjacent peaks, two adjacent troughs, or two identical points on adjacent oscillations.

The frequency refers to the number of oscillations that occur per second. This can be worked out from the period:

frequency = 1 / period

Don’t forget to convert to seconds if you need to.

A Higher Tier Physics GCSE Science Revision Guide.