Producing Non-Fiction

Preparing To Answer The Exam

Preparing To Answer The Exam

To prepare for your exam before the actual day, the best way is to practice writing different genres of non-fiction with different purposes. You will find some example questions in the Test it! section.

During the exam, it would be a good idea to make a quick plan of the structure and content of your writing. This will allow you to get an idea of it as a whole text. You will also have your plan as a prompt during the exam should you become stuck and forget what you want to say next. The plan does not need to be too detailed or in full sentences. Here is an example:

Question: Write a letter to your local MP arguing that the local Sports Centre should not be closed.

Example Plan

(Letters – address, date, Dear…, Re: Save Southway’s Sports Centre)

Intro – my purpose for writing is to ask you to save the centre, reasons are the following

Para 1 – Fitness (Only place where people can go to swim, lift weights and find out about healthy eating)

Para 2 – Community (people of all ages, backgrounds etc. go there)

Para 3 – Can make a profit (the centre is always busy, have spoken to staff, it is making a good profit, staff have ideas to make more profit.)

Conclusion – feel strongly about this, you are our representative, do not need the parking that is meant to replace the centre, if you have any power to save the centre, please.

(Letters, Yours Sincerely, name)