RUSSIA 1914 - 1924

Russia 1914-1924 : Remember it, Test it!

Russia 1914-1924 : Remember it, Test it!

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Russia 1914

* Autocracy.

* Repression.

* Attempts at reform.

* Changing Russian society.

* Growth of political movements: Kadets, Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries.

* Difficulties with governing Russia.

* Allies of the Tsar: the Church, Cossacks, the Okhrana, the Army.


The Effect of World War I on Russia

* Millions of Russians were killed.

* Economic problems and poverty.

* Rasputin and Nicholas’s Wife.

* Unrest and the creation of Soviets.

* February Revolution.


The Provisional Government and the October Revolution

* Dual Government.

* Goals of the Bolsheviks in 1917.

* April Theses.

* Popularity of Bolsheviks.

* July Days.

* Kornilov Affair.

* October Revolution.


Early days of the October 1917 Revolution

* Creation of a dictatorship.

* Key reforms.

* Peace with Germany.


The Russian Civil War

* The Red Army.

* War Communism.

* Red Terror.

* Victory.

* New Economic Policy.


Test It!


NEP - History GCSE RevisionWhat were the main problems that Russia faced before World War One?

Why had the Tsar become so unpopular by 1917?

Describe the effects of World War One on Russia.

How were the Bolsheviks able to seize power in 1917?

What effects did World War One have on Tsar Nicholas II’s hold on power?

What steps did Lenin take after October 1917 to set up and strengthen a Communist system?

Why did the system of Dual Government fail?

Why did the Reds win the Russian Civil War?

What was a Kulak?

Why did Lenin adopt the NEP?

Section complete – Well done!

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