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Business Studies Personal Statement

Business Studies Personal Statement

I have always been interested in understanding the processes that underpin the worlds of business and finance. I can imagine no more rewarding life for myself than that of playing a key role within an international business, or maybe even running my own organisation and shaping the global economy that has such an overwhelming effect on all of our societies. By supplementing my existing skills, knowledge and experience through study at a prestigious institution, I will lay the best possible foundation for achieving these goals in my future career.

I have already proven my ability to work hard and to achieve good results in disciplines related to these interests. I have an overall grade of 70% in the foundation course and am confident that this experience has allowed me to gain a good overview of the field. It is important to understand how businesses are structured in a broader sense before learning the specifics of management and I am grateful to this course for providing me with the context I will need to take my studies further.

I am also aware that studying in a second language will present its own unique challenges, but I believe that I have shown the necessary hard work and commitment to overcome these as and when they arise; not only through the fact that my written and verbal command of English has improved to the required level but also through the attitude I have adopted when I have come up against any elements of study that do not come naturally to me. When I was first in high school, for example, I struggled with maths, not enjoying it or achieving the grades of which I knew I was capable. I am happy to say that, through continued hard work, maths has not only become one of my strongest subjects but also one of my favourites. I am confident that I can bring the same level of commitment to bear on my continuing studies within business and management. By putting in this hard work and gaining a truly international theoretical background, I also hope to imbue myself with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a real impact across international business context.

I am also acutely aware that it is essential to gain experience within non-academic institutions to truly understand the practical applications of the business and management systems studied at university. To this end, I have undertaken voluntary experience in a support role at a number of public institutions, including government buildings and a library. This has given me an excellent insight into the logistics of a large organisation and allowed me a first hand experience of employing my own administrative and time management skills in this context.

I have always enjoyed being involved in the wider academic community and have gained many additional skills and experiences through taking on extra-curricular roles in my spare time. As the elected Class Vice Captain, I was responsible for organising the class, suggesting school policy and representing the students at the school conference. The leadership and teamwork skills I learnt in this role also proved useful in my role within the football team; which allowed me to combine my passion for the sport with these abilities on and off the field, taking responsibility for acquiring a new kit and, ultimately, winning the school football competition.

Overall, I have shown myself to be a committed, talent and hardworking student with a flair for organisation and leadership and a passion for all elements of business. If offered the opportunity to continue honing these interests and skills through further study, I have no doubt that I could achieve my ultimate goals of building an impressive professional career portfolio and maybe even starting up my own business in the future.

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