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Business and Finance Personal Statement

Business and Finance Personal Statement

Having grown up in Iraq, which is riddled with inequality and does not offer rights for women or disabled people, I have been continually inspired throughout my education in this country to learn the skill and knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives. As I have learnt more, it has become increasingly obvious that these inequalities are not just based in cultural differences, however, but are also supported by a real lack of resources. In a country that is so rich in natural resources, the business structures that maintain this inequality must be challenged and dismantled. By gaining a greater understanding of the field, I hope to ultimately gain the ability to implement change within this system and set up a business which makes a practical, long-lasting difference to the less fortunate.

My schooling has been primarily focused around building on this desire to help others through practical, effective means. I have completed a Level 2 BTEC in Health and Social Care and am currently working on the Level 3 qualification. This course covers a range of practical assistance, but also touches upon the administrative and organisational aspects of the healthcare industry. By adding to this knowledge through the study of business, I hope to combine my interests and experience in my future career, in order that I may move beyond the individual impact of hands-on care and make a broader change within the industry as a whole. Completing GCSEs in English, Maths and IT have also grounded me in the study skills necessary, as well as fostering communication, numeracy and technological skills.

Seeking work experience within healthcare has not only offered the chance to perform this hands-on care but has also offered the chance to observe the workings of this industry. Through undertaking voluntary assistance in a care home, my rapport with the residents and my ability work well as part of a team led to paid work. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges and rewards of working with the aged residents, many of whom have serious and debilitating conditions. I am a very empathetic individual and gain great pleasure from paying as much attention to their emotional needs as I do to their physical. This experience also reinforced the need for these healthcare services to exist within industry, as I have been party to the ongoing debates about how best to allocate resources. Learning about business, and bringing these skills to an industry that people rarely enter for monetary reasons, will allow me to understand and implement measures where possible that could ultimately lead to a higher standard of care.

I am a highly responsible and dedicated individual, in my study, work and home life. As the eldest child of a non-English speaking parent, I am primarily responsible for ensuring that my younger siblings are cared for, get to school on time, and for interacting with other adults in their lives. I also help out around the home, which has necessarily fostered strong time management and organisational skills in order that I may fit study and work around these responsibilities. Growing up witnessing the difficulties of not having a command of language, I have also become passionate about communication, which is essential at all levels of business. I am studying sign language, a hugely rewarding experience that enables me to communicate with a range of people and appeals to the sense of equality that drives me throughout of my life.

As a pragmatist, I firmly believe that working within the system of business and finance which so shapes our lives actually holds the greatest potential for good. Having worked within the healthcare industries, I have seen how the compassionate and empathetic people can be sidelined by the practical restrictions on their resources and time. By learning more about the inspiring potential of the field, I hope to ally the worlds of business and caring, learning lessons from each that may well benefit the other.

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