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Law Personal Statement

Law Personal Statement

My experience observing how criminals are tried and prosecuted in real life cases at the Crown Court has given me the enthusiasm and drive to pursue studying law and the psychology of criminals further. My ability to balance solid academic performance, full time care of my mother, and a range of extra-curricular activities confirms my motivation and highlights many skills required to excel at university.

My passion for law stemmed from my school subjects, particularly Religious Studies where articles such as the Mary Bell and James Bulger cases were examined. This required the formulation of structured arguments to assess how the killers were punished and utilised my disciplined essay writing skills that I have developed through studying English Language. The reality of watching the prosecution was extremely exciting. It is the legal issues surrounding these cases, including the treatment of mental illness in criminals, which fuels my particular interest in criminal law.

I personally enjoy keeping up to date with current legal discussions through reading articles in ‘The Times’ legal supplement. I also have a subscription to the British Psychological Society’s research blog, which often highlights cases where criminals suffer from clinical illness. I would love to learn more about the psychological aspects of criminal law at degree level.

I am very self-motivated, and whilst caring for my disabled mother, I completed four weeks of work experience.. which required giving presentations, as well as undertaking team and individual challenges designed by top employers to increase confidence, especially with public speaking. Through this I utilised my clear and concise communication skills which I further developed in 2010, competing in the Institute of Debating Matters, highlighting my desire to work in advocacy. Working a solicitors office engaged my professional aptitude and demanded high levels of organisation and time management to display my employability to successful lawyers.

Throughout my academic life I have been a committed carer and an active charity worker, spending voluntary time with St Anne’s Hospice, Henshaws Society and Haiti Appeal. For this work I was awarded Young Citizen of the Year 2008, for an outstanding attitude to the disadvantaged. Due to my responsibilities as a carer, I have matured at a young age which has improved my decision making and time management skills. I also take an active interest in school life, having completed all three Duke of Edinburgh Awards and successfully introduced the scheme to my college, demonstrating my proactive and persuasive character. I am now part of the Sixth Form Committee at college which requires good team and leadership skills, developed though captaining the girl’s hockey and netball teams throughout high school. I hope to continue my active roles with various clubs and societies at university to become an increasingly well rounded student.

My love of the fast paced city is perfectly suited to my highly active and dynamic life. I am extremely determined, and my continual desire to seek new challenges and self-improve goes hand in hand with studying a demanding degree subject in Manchester.

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