Progressing from Apprenticeships


As you will have read in our Apprenticeship profiles, many apprentices go on to run their own business after they have completed their qualifications. The opportunities open to you after an apprenticeship are varied and plentiful!

Once qualified, you may want to think about starting up your own business. Whether you are a plumber, carpenter, electrician or baker, you will have the skills to stand on your own two feet. See our Self Employment section for more information on things you need to consider when starting up your own business.

Be realistic

An Apprenticeship will provide you with the specific skills necessary for your chosen career, but it is also important to remember that to start your own business you will need some management skills as well. Part-time college courses are a great way to build up these types of skills whilst you are working. Here is an example of someone who rushed into starting their own business without considering the managerial side of a business:

“I completed my level 2 and level 3 Apprenticeships, opened my own business, but I am now working at a local restaurant in a managerial position. I decided to open my own sandwich shop while completing my Apprenticeship. I soon realised that I had rushed into opening the shop. After determining that it was not practical to continue operating, I made the difficult decision to discontinue the business. I made the decision to close my shop, but I’m still proud as I learned a lot from the experience. My Apprenticeship not only gave me the confidence to run my own business for a time, but it has also given me skill sets and a qualification that will help me as my career progresses. I am now supporting my current staff by encouraging them to undertake Apprenticeships and follow in my footsteps.”

If you decide this is the career path you would like to follow, be sure to do your research and seek advice before you make any big moves!