After what may well have seemed like an eternity, the wait for A Level exam results ends tomorrow. The whole team at Getting-in would like to wish each and every one of you who will be facing exam results D-Day tomorrow. We know you’ve all worked really hard over the last couple of years, and we’re sure that you’ll get the A Level exam results you’ll need to fulfil your future dreams, whether those involve university, college or the world of work.

However, reassurances alone may well not be quite enough to stop you worrying about what letters will be written next to the subjects in your A Level exam results slips. In fact, because you have a fair amount riding on your results, it may well be that nothing that anyone can say will completely remove any lingering nerves.

Nevertheless, we always like a challenge, so here are our top three reasons why you can put any anxieties about A Level exam results to bed for good.

Nerves are a sign you’ll do as well as or better than you expected

If you worry about something, it tends to mean that it’s important to you. And if your A Level exam results are important to you, it’s more than likely that you were motivated to putting effort into your classes and preparing for your exams. As a result, the worriers are the most likely people to get the A Level exam results they need. You can therefore take your nerves as a sign that tomorrow will go well!

A Levels are a means to an end

Although A Levels may seem like they are the be all and end all of measuring your success right now, they are in fact just one of many things that you will tackle in your life that will collectively make up the achievements that potential employers will use to evaluate you. And, to be honest, A Levels are seldom used to judge the calibre of people beyond about their mid-twenties. Because after this time, you’ll have had the chance to show your true potential through further studies and full-time work, both of which employers will value more highly than what you were up to in your teenage years.

So, if we look at it like this, A Levels are principally a means to an end. And if the A Level exam results you get don’t quite get you to that end on their own–whether it’s university or a job–so long as you can take steps to still get to that end, there’s nothing to worry about. Fortunately, with the help of clearing or the opportunities that exist to repeat your A Levels, you’ll still be able to achieve that end goal.

No-one has ever died regretting that they didn’t get the A Level results they wanted

And just to prove our point about A Level exam results not being something that will ultimately define you, we’d just like to think for a moment about how you think people who are more advanced in years than you now view their own experience of A Level exam results. Can you imagine anyone has ever looked back at the whole sweep of their life and decided that everything would have been much rosier had they got better A Level exam results? Nope, us neither!

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