Back in the old days, searching for a job was simple. You just picked up a newspaper and flipped to the jobs adverts. And that was it.

But then along came the Internet. And with it came a new invention: the jobsite. These repositories of jobs contain a mind-boggling number of vacancies. They’re a fantastic thing in that they mean you can find out about far, far more jobs than you ever could have done back in the old days.

But the sheer number of jobsites and jobs they contain can also make searching for a job a really tricky task. Whereas with a newspaper you can immediately see all the adverts at once, and there are much fewer of them, when searching for a job online you can find yourself confronted with page after page of search results.

This can often make the process of searching for a job online a very frustrating task. Whether you know exactly what role you want or are open minded, sifting through hundreds of ads that are of no relevance to you can be as time consuming as it is annoying.

Do not despair, however. As this week the Getting-in blog will be offering up tips on techniques for searching for a job using a jobsite. We’ll learn how to cut through the irrelevance and hone in on the vacancies that you’re interested in and qualified for.

Tip #1: Find sites that are appropriate for the work sector you want to be in

The biggest and most famous jobsites are usually the ones that cover every single work sector under the sun. They’re great if your priority in searching for a job is finding paid work rather than a career role, but they’re not always ideal if your job search is for a specific position. Some of the general jobsites cater to some sectors very well, but for others they don’t have many vacancies. This is because some professions tend to prefer a particular site. And when they do this it’s often because there’s a jobsite that is specifically for their industry.

So, if you’re looking for work in the legal profession, for example, a jobsite that specializes in law vacancies might be your best bet. There are thousands of sector-specific sites out there, so before you begin scouring through adverts it’d be worth taking the time to research which jobsites are used by employers in your area of work.

Check back later this week for more tips on getting the most out of jobsites when searching for a job!

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