Types of Apprenticeship

One of the biggest selling points about apprenticeships is that they cover so many different career paths. Gone are the days when an apprenticeship was just for trades and crafts–though of course they do still cover these as well. But now there are also many different apprenticeships that cover newer sectors such as the IT world, as well as public services and office-based positions. Take a look at some of the sectors that you could build a career in if you apply for an apprenticeship.

Administration and business management

Every organization needs a team of people to take charge of its operations, even the ones whose activities seem to be based mainly around shops and centres that are open to the public. Think that your local supermarket is enormous? It’s probably nothing compared to the central office complex that the company uses to coordinate its supermarkets up and down the country.

Administration and management might sound like vague categories, but they are in fact hugely important, and without them companies would grind to a halt as a result of them not ordering stock, failing to pay their employees and not ensuring that their activities comply with legal regulations.

Many people think that roles in management and administration normally go to graduates, but nowadays it’s possible to rise to the very top of a company having started out as an apprentice.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:

Warehouse management

Merchandising management

Call centre management

Payroll administration

Customer service operations

Business development

Office management


Market research

Agriculture and the environment

Many people’s idea of farmers are hopelessly out of day. Rather than the agricultural and environmental sector being the preserve of people who are set in their ways and work using centuries-old methods, today’s farmers and agricultural companies are among the most forward-looking and innovative businesses in the country, combining technology with advanced scientific know-how to produce food that is of a higher quality and produced more effectively and efficiently than ever before

And apprenticeships aren’t just confined to farming roles. There are all sorts of positions based around tending to and preserving Britain’s plant and animal life that you can experience through an apprenticeship.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:




Woodland management

Farm management

Conservation and environmental management

Recycling management

Zoo keeping

Gardening and landscaping


The construction sector has long been one of the biggest provider of apprenticeships. And it’s not hard to see why, given the sheer range of skills and professions that are required to plan, design and construct buildings and the fact that there will always be a demand for new building projects and renovations of existing projects.

If you’re interested in working in the building trade, an apprenticeship within the construction sector is quite possibly your best starting point as it will offer you the industry-required qualifications and experience to be work in the sector.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:








Energy management

Building surveying

Quantity surveying

Engineering and Industry

All too often it’s easy to overlook the sheer levels of expertise that go into making the products we use in our everyday lives. Whether you’re driving a car, washing your clothes or listening to a digital radio, you’re using a piece of equipment that required a very large team of people to design and produce.

If the idea of contributing to making or designing the products that people use day in and day out, a career within this sector is perfect for you, whether you’re looking for an entry-level apprenticeship or an advanced one that will test your technical skills to the limit.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:

Engineering technicians

Machine maintenance

Railway infrastructure technician

Heating systems installation


Quality control management

Gas pipe installation and maintenance


The financial sector is one of the UK’s biggest industries. It provides services not just for large corporations, but also smaller, local businesses and ordinary people. The term ‘financial services’ covers a wide range of fields, from insurance to mortgages and loans. Some of the roles that you can do through an apprenticeship within the financial sector are seriously complex, bringing with them a serious pay packet into the bargain.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:

Insurance underwriting and claims management

Investment advice services

Loans administration

Mortgage advice services

Accounts management

Credit and risk management

Healthcare and Emergency Services

If you make the choice of working in the healthcare or emergency services sectors, whether on the frontline of caregiving or in a behind-the-scenes role, you’re committing yourself to following a career in which you’ll be making an enormously positive contribution to your community and to individuals’ lives. You could literally be the difference between life and death for someone. With this level of responsibility a career in healthcare can be a daunting challenge, but also an incredibly rewarding one.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:


Dental nursing

Therapy assistant

Clinical support worker

Operating theatre worker

Pharmacy technician

Non-commissioned police officer


Although its revolutionary effects started to be felt in the twentieth century, computers and IT are having an even greater impact on the twenty-first century. It’s not just the fact that computers are used in virtually every workplace in some form or another, not to mention in every home; it’s also the fact that other forms of technology, whether they be your house’s central heating system of your washing machine, are more closely integrated with computers than ever before. And, perhaps most significantly of all, the overlap between communications technology and IT becomes stronger with every year that passes.

Whether your passion lies with computer hardware, software or communications technologies, the chances are that there will be an apprenticeship that suits your career ambitions and interests.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:

Website management

IT technical support

Data management

IT Project Management

IT Security Management

IT systems installation

Software development

Network engineering


The media industry is undergoing many different exciting changes right now. Although traditional print publications are in decline, the digital revolution has created all sorts of exciting new forms of entertaining and informing people. And producing these new media forms requires considerable technical skills that are increasingly being taught through apprenticeships.

Whether your passion is music, film, TV or the printed word, there’s bound to be a media-based apprenticeship opportunity out there that is right up your street.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:

Marketing and promotions

Media, publishing and arts administration

Make-up, costumes or sets creation and management

Graphic design

Product design



Retail and Commercial

Take a close look at your local town or city centre and you’ll find all sorts of exciting things going on. In addition to the many different types of shops there that sell all sorts of different goods, you’ll also find businesses offering many different kinds of services to the public. Post offices, hairdressers, beauty parlours, lettings agents, cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants, bars, pubs… the list could go on and on. But in spite of the sheer range of things happening on high streets and in shopping centres, all of these businesses have one thing in common: they all need well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable employees who can give customers what they want.

And the operations of these businesses aren’t just restricted to the work they do with customers. They also need people to perform vital behind-the-scenes tasks such as handling supplies and deliveries and managing their premises.

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:

Beauty therapy


Bar management

Supplies management

Import and export administration

Estate agency

Lettings management

Customer sales

Facilities management

Tourism and Leisure

Even in the difficult economic times that we are currently living through, by and large people are still finding that they have income available to spend on services that make their lives more enjoyable, whether this takes the form of exercise classes, taking up new sports and hobbies or visiting new and exciting places. Yes, even in the bad times demand for leisure and tourism services is still holding steady, and as a result there are a wide range of apprenticeships available in this sector.

An apprenticeship in the tourism and leisure sector is particularly worth bearing in mind if you’d like to combine your career with an activity that you love to do in your own spare time. And that’s not something that many people are lucky enough to be able to do!

Some of the careers you could follow through an apprenticeship in this sector include:

Fitness instruction

Gym and leisure centre management

Personal training

Sports coaching and instruction

Airline crew

Travel consultancy

Tourism customer services