Applying for University

University application is one of the hardest things to do. If you have decided on the courses you want to apply for it is important to get to grips with the application process. Our helpful guides to applying to university through UCAS enable you to know what is important when applying to your university choices. This will aid you through your university application.

Our website details which universities offer which courses. We have clear course descriptions and most institutions run informed open days where prospective students and their families can meet academics and students, and view teaching facilities and accommodation. Students can apply for up to five courses. There is no order of preference and universities are not told which other institutions the student has applied to. Entry requirements for most courses hinge on applicants’ exam results but there are other factors to include in your application, which we can advise you of.

Important Dates You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about applying for specific courses and institutions. We will keep you informed of open days, term dates and more and make sure that you are never without a reference point to ensure you always know when to be where you should be! The deadline for most applications is January 15, October 15, for medicine, dentistry and veterinarysubjects and all courses at Oxford university and Cambridge university. There is a deadline of March 24 for some art and design courses. It is recommended that pupils get applications in before this. Students are able to apply until June 30. Anyone who applies after June 30 goes straight into Clearing in August.

How The Application Process Works

A comprehensive guide to each step of the UCAS university application process. UCAS is complicated at the best of times so use our advice to make sure that you fill out the application form, personal statement and references correctly so that they are all accepted by the admission tutors. We have helped countless students through their UCAS university application to university therefore have the advice and knowledge to successfully complete you UCAS application. We know how to make sure that you get into your chosen universities.