Important Dates You Need To Know

Important Dates You Need To Know

UCAS has three separate application deadlines, all applicable to specific courses or institutions. Make sure that you find out exactly when you need to apply and have your application form completed in plenty of time.


15th October

The 15th of October is the deadline for applications for Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science courses, and for applications to Oxford and Cambridge.

15th January

The 15th of January is the deadline for application to all other courses, except for art and design.

24th March

The 24th of March is the deadline for all art and design applications, except for those which have specifically listed earlier deadlines.

30th June

Applications received between any of the three deadlines above and the 30th of June are NOT GUARANTEED to be considered by universities. It could be worth applying late, however, as some universities will consider later applications if they have places to fill.

If you apply after the 30th of June your application will not be considered and you will automatically be entered into clearing.

You also can apply for courses with earlier deadlines and then add further choices on subsequent deadlines through the Track system. You still only get five choices maximum, however, so be sure to think carefully whether you want to apply for art and design courses before you leave a space on your application.

This video will give you a bit more information on applying after the deadline:

Course Start Dates

Not all courses start at the same time. Be sure to check with your chosen institution to find out the correct start of the course you are interested in. A course’s start date may effect when you need to have the application completed so it is essential that you get this information straight right from the start.

International Applications

Many universities will accept international applications right up until the 30th of June. The exceptions to this rule are courses and institutions which insist on the 15th of October deadline, which must also be adhered to by international applicants. As with UK students, universities will not guarantee to consider your application after the 15th of January, so it is always best to apply within this deadline if you possibly can.

It is also a good idea to look into the practicalities of moving to another country to study before you apply. Do you need to think about a student visa? If so, make sure you have plenty of time to apply as it can be harder to get one in the busy summer months.

If you are an international student, why not check out this video for a few more pointers:

Deferred Entry

If you want to apply for deferred entry, if you are taking a year out to travel or work, you must also apply within the above deadlines for the year before you wish to take up your place. Remember to check with universities that they will accept deferred entry before applying.

If you have accepted a deferred place for one year, 2012 for example, you may not apply for another place within the same year unless you cancel this confirmed place first.